The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

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  • Published : July 27, 2008
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People have always imagined themselves as extraordinary or with heroic traits. Walter Mitty’s character has no heroic traits, and is never in control of his own life. His wife is always telling him what do and when and how to do it, yet he imagines himself as these characters that are in control and courageous. In “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”, James Thurber uses parodies, setting, and Irony to contribute to a tragic comedic character.

The Parodies in the story mock the typical fearless in any situation type of hero. Phrases such as “Were going through!” help show that his imaginative characters are not afraid to go through danger (Holt Literature language arts 708). “Quiet man” said Walter Mitty with a cool voice’ helps us understand that these characters he imagines are the always in control type like the usual hero’s we hear about (Holt Literature Language Arts 709)

The Element of Setting helps us understand the mind of Walter Mitty. When he’s driving a car he imagines himself as piloting a plane. He takes simple everyday tasks and turns them into incredible journeys. Statements or events in the dream can snap him out of a dream into reality or vice versa. He makes a statement in one of his dreams stating “You miserable cur” which reminds him of a dog and that he needed to go pick up dog food (Literature and Language Arts 710)

Irony involves a discrepancy between what we expect to happen and what really happens. It is Ironic how Walter Mitty imagines himself as someone who is always in control when he has no control over his real life. When Walter Mitty says things like “Quiet man” and shows control this is completely opposite of his true nature. ( Literature and Language Arts 709)

All the Elements of parodies, Setting, and Irony help us understand the mind of Walter Mitty. It shows the readers that even though he has no control over his real life that does not mean that he doesn’t want to. He seems to just need a heroic situation to show his true...
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