The Secret Life of Bees Essay

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The Secret Life of Bees

A family is a basic social unit consisting of parents and children. It is considered a group of people where one can look to for acceptance, safety, happiness and love. Families are the foundation to a human beings life because it is where one can be welcomes into the society. Individuals are nurtured and given tools so they are capable of learning and experiencing the world. Living in an unhealthy environment may impact the way someone thinks and acts physically and emotionally, in the novel The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd, Lily Owens, a young fourteen year old girl who lives in South Carolina, loses her mother at the age of four because of a devastating tragedy leading to her mother’s death. Throughout this novel, Lily learns and experiences dramatic changes that will affect her life forever; she lives with an abusive, violent father named T.Ray and growing up she is traumatized with the guilt of thinking she killed her mother, Lily goes on a journey to discover the real truth about her mother and through her journey she learns how a family should function and she experiences motherhood through the statue of Black Mary, Rosaleen and the Boatwright sisters.

Growing up, Lily does not receive much love and support from her father T.Ray. T.Ray does not show any emotional love towards Lily, thus Lily being forced to deal with her violent father who cares much more for his dog more than his own daughter. “His only kindness was for Snout, his bird dog, who slept in his bed and got her stomach scratched anytime she rolled onto her wiry back.” (Kidd, 3) T.Ray is not also careless about Lily but he is extremely aggressive and violent towards her too. It shows examples of T.Ray being abusive when he punishes Lily by forcing her to kneel on Martha White Grits. Anytime Lily did something wrong or talked back to T.ray, he would just carelessly make Lily kneel and suffer pain for hours. In the beginning of the...
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