The Secret Life of Bee's Essay

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English Essay
Topic 2: Which characters in the book Secret Life contributes most to the healing of Lily’s wounds? Who?
* The Boatwright sisters
* Zach
* T-ray
* Killing her mother by accidents when she was 4 years old * Never having the mother figure in her life
* Having a father who doesn’t care about her, hurting her * Feeling like she can’t be loved
* Not being told about her mother
The Boatwright sisters:
* Helped fill in the gap as the mother figure
* Made Lily feel that she was loved
* Helped her to overcome the guilt of her mother’s death * They told her about her mother
* Gave her a home
* Made Lily feel that she could be loved
* Helped her to find “her place in the world”
* He believed in her.
* He made her leave
* Helped her to discover who she was
* Not telling her about her mother

The book the Secret Life of Bee’s by Sue Monk Kidd is about a girl called Lily Owens who unfortunately killed her mother when she was four years old. This book is about how she had to struggle with her abusive and destructive father who she called T-Ray, how she had to cope living her life with the guilt of killing the one thing she need most in her life, but through the help of the characters Zach and the Boatwright sister how should could start to heal the wounds that T-Ray and she inflicted upon her. When Lily killed her mother, she took away the one thing that all girls need the most in their lives When Lily made the decision to run away from her abusive father she unexpectedly found the Boatwright sister who, after many years of suffering gave her the one gift she needed most, a mother figure. Years after Lily had shot her mother those wounds were still open, raw and very deep. After coming from a broken family were her father didn’t want anything to do with her, she was deeply deprived of loving and nurturing as well as family happiness and joy. After...
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