The Secret Garden

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  • Published : October 31, 2010
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Miracle Garden
The Secret Garden is one of the best books that I’ve enjoyed reading. All the characters have interesting personalities that change for good; in many occasions. It’s neat to see how Mary, Colin, and Dickon encourage one another to value their own life. Two of the main characters would happen to be Mary Lennox and Colin Craven. Throughout the book, both Mary and Colin had a negative attitude. Mary was the first one to change her attitude and began to be positive and see life in a different perspective.By doing this she was the one that encouraged Colin and Mr. Craven to love life. Based on the book, all the main characters (Mary, Colin and Mr. Craven) deal with their negativities. They all had the same issue of being negative about everything in life .This becomes a conflict because their thoughts and fear dominate them and it becomes difficult for them to overcome these things. Each of their negativities was caused from incident that occurred at one point of their lives. For example, in the beginning of the book, Mary had a negative attitude because she was neglected by her parents and ignored by many people. She had to fight against the negative thoughts that would come to her mind because they were just destroying her self-esteem and her life. The secret Garden was her solution to be a happy child and a positive influence towards other characters. “So long as Mistress Mary's mind was full of disagreeable thoughts...she was a yellow-faced, sickly, bored and wretched child...When her mind gradually filled itself with robins...with springtime and with secret gardens coming alive day by day, and also with a moor boy and his "creatures," there was no room left for the disagreeable thoughts... [and so she became well and happy]”. Mary became a positive influence towards Colin, which helped him be grateful for being alive. When Mary discovered that her sickly cousin “Colin” was supposedly dying, she felt the need to do something...
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