The Secret Dreamworld of a Shoapholic- Book Review

Topics: Finance, Becky Bloomwood, Secret Pages: 2 (701 words) Published: October 17, 2011
Book Review|
“The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic”|
“Sophie Kinsella”|

Book Review:
The Secret Dream World of a Shopaholic:
The book, “The Secret Dream World of a Shopaholic” is written by “Sophie Kinsella”. The book was published by Black Swan in 2000. This book is the first of the ongoing shopaholic fiction series. Sophie Kinsella also writes under a different name and has numerous other award winning books. The book revolves around the dangers of addiction to shopping. She tackles them with wit and humor. Summary:

The main character is Rebecca Bloomwood. She works as a financial journalist for the magazine “Successful Saving”. She is bored of her job and wants to do something new. Through her column she helps people handle their money. Her own finances on the other hand are a mess. Every time she sees a sale sign she cannot stop herself from indulging in shopping. When she sees her Visa bill she tries to cut back but ends up buying everything she likes by declaring them an investment or a necessity. She also tries making more money but that fails miserably as well. Her best friend and flat mate Suzy tries and help her out by making homemade frames but that only pays some fraction of her debt. Rebecca even tries her best to like Suzy’s multimillionaire cousin Tarquin who is in loves with her but he is just not her type. Throughout the story Derek Smeath, Rebecca’s bank manager is constatnly trying to get hold of her but she continues to give quite amusing excuses which include glandular fever and death of a fake dog. As the ridiculous excuses keeps coming in Derek Smeath eventually gets the idea that Rebecca is not able to pay back her debt and then becomes firm on meeting her. On her way to a press conference for Brandon Communications she meets the owner Luke Brandon. As she keeps meeting him she develops a fondness for him and thinks that he feels the same way. As her credit cards are cancelled and her finance...
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