The Secret Campaign of President Bush's Administration to Deny Global Warming

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  • Published : February 28, 2013
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Pooja Lagdiwala
J. Haeseler
English 1120

The Secret Campaign of President Bush's Administration to Deny Global Warming

This article gives an in-depth discussion of the past Bush administration and the issues regarding global warming. Essentially, the article accuses former President Bush and the White House of covering up six years of deceit regarding the global warming issue. Paramount in the article discussion is the author’s view regarding false statements stated by the Bush administration. These include failure to deliver the following promises; capping of carbon emissions, saving jobs, curbing greenhouse gases, making pollution cuts voluntary, investing in hydrogen cars, and etc.

According to several statements made in the article, the article was written from a purely liberal perspective. The author was attempting to send a direct message regarding global warming, and the failure of the former Bush administration to keep promises made on dealing with certain aspects of the issue. He referred to the handling of global warming by Bush as “the campaign of disinformation.”

The article was definitely long and precise; however if I were able to, I would like to ask the author what numbers reflect progress made by the administration towards resolving the issue? Also, what specific suggestions or advice would you have given the Bush administration as an effort to alleviate the global warming crisis?

The issue of global warming has a direct effect on the lives of people all across the world. If we fail to control global warming, it can cause climate catastrophies such as mega droughts, wildfires, decimated forests, etc. It could also have a negative impact on human services since natural disasters are a huge burden on the man power and financial resources on many service agencies. We could also suffer from a tremendous loss of life for individuals throughout the world.

Overall, I found this article really interesting. The article...
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