The Secret Behind Languages

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The secret behind languages
Language is the secret of knowledge the more you know language the more you know the world, and each language has its own special secret. language represents people's identity in a way I can tell who and where you're from by the tone in your voice . Learning a new language can be challenging. It can give the power of knowing and understanding. Also you can gain and lose something by learning a new language . Sometimes language gives you the ability of seeing the world in a different way. Richard Rodriguez text is about what can you lose and gain while learning a new language also what he been through by learning it. However Mother Tongue is about what one overcomes by learning a new language.

Richard Rodriguez's text is about learning a new language which he sees very difficult at the beginning. The text begins with a third person who the writer is anonymous it doesn't show who is alkingho is annymos rd person he begining t changed speaking at first. The essay is a personal essay which speaks about someone own experience learning a new language which is English . He faces a really hard time learning the new language because he has to speak it at school with his friends and at home with his family, that barely knew the language. The author uses many techniques in his essay one of them is metaphor to help the readers understand the point he is trying to make such as ''Her voice , like so many Spanish voices I'd hear in public, recalled the golden age of my youth''

( Rodriguez). This metaphor claims that the sounds of language reminds him of his identity which he has lose during learning the new language. He uses this metaphor to make the text more interesting and not to lose the readers understanding or interest of the text. He uses another metaphor to prove his point which was '' Using Spanish , he was quickly effusive . Especially when talking with other man , his voice would spark, flicker, flare alive with the sounds'' (Rodriguez). This metaphor is use to explain the how the flame describe his father's voice to show how he sounds like while he is speaking in Spanish. Rodriguez uses a lot metaphor to prove his point and to make readers get the picture he is trying to show. Another technique he uses is contrasting private and public language. The private language which represent his identity . It is Spanish his mother tongue .The public language is the language of the society he lives in, which is English. The private language he uses at home had been forbidden by his teacher from school. Because he can learn English more by talking to his family ,so the public language had become both use in public and at home with his family. The writer also uses description in his text such as when Richard Rodriguez describe how difficult learning a new language is. Because he had to practice speaking English with his parents who barely knew the language, that has led to silence in the house which cause lack of communication with each other . The loss and gain in Richard Rodriguez text mentioned is the loss of identity and the gain of the public language which where he lives. The minute he raised his hand in class is the minute he lose his identity of being Mexican and speaking Spanish . Because if it wasn't for that class he wouldn't have to speak English both at school and home. That has led to the loss of his child hood and the sounds of his parents speaking in the house. But from this negative

experience it changed to a positive, which is gaining a new language that has him understanding the people he is surrounds by and the society he lives in. After learning English he has the power to answer questions and ask question . also he has the ability to read ,write and speak English. .

''Mother Tongue'' which is written by Amy Tan is different than Richard Rodriguez essay in a way...
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