The Second Wave of Feminism

Topics: Feminism, Betty Friedan, Second-wave feminism Pages: 4 (1449 words) Published: December 6, 2011
Katrina Jarvis
COM 421 A
Dr. Fabj
3 October 2011
Historical Paper: The Second Wave of Feminism
The Second Wave of Feminism, also known as the “Women’s Liberation Movement,” brought together this second wave of momentum for women. Beginning at the start of the 60’s, the movement continued all the way through to the 1970’s. During the first wave of the women’s movement there was no doubt that women had made some sort of social and political progress when they achieved the right to vote in America; but to the public women were still treated as a minority. Beginning with the lead of one specific woman, Betty Friedan, women gained the motivation to join together on a larger level and take a further stand for their rights. This time around they wanted to be noticed on various levels, not just politically and socially. The movement looks at education, employment, health, politics, and many more. With that said the movement generally became successful, shaping public discourse and influencing civic life eternally among the entire nation. Initially, this movement came together for more than just a few reasons. Yes women were granted the right to vote but this was not enough as they were still looked down upon in society. Primarily women were still being talked about negatively, and still appeared inadequate to the public in general. For example, Marlene Sanders of ABC, noted that, “in the initial phase of the woman’s movement reporting was specifically done by men, and it was snide and hostile” (Denton, 8). In the 1960s - at the early stages of this movement it was difficult for women to enter the work field. “Women were not to compete in a man’s world” and vice versa (Denton, 52). Institutions supported the status of women as housewives and mothers, who raised children and supported the careers of their husbands (Denton, 52). Women wanted to move away from the image of being an everyday housewife; cooking, cleaning, shopping, and doing monotonous tasks were getting...
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