The Seagull/Ang Tagak

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  • Published : December 3, 2012
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The Seagull/Ang Tagak

The Seagull/ Ang Tagak is the second offering of Dulaang Up 37th Season which portrays art, love, and life. This is directed by Tony Mabesa, written by Anton Chekhov, and translated in tagalog by Rolando Tinio.

The main characters are Konstantin Gavrilovich, Nina Zarechnaya, Irina Arkadina, and Trigorin. Other members include Polina, Shmaraev, and Medvedenko. Konstantin, a young writer, is in love with a beautiful and wealthy neighbor Nina. Irina, mother of Konstatin, is a fading actress. She is in love with Trigorin, a famous middlebrow story writer.

The setting is set in Russia at the end of 19th Century. It captivates audiences with its beauty. It makes the play more interesting and it has involuntary and voluntary attention getting factors which can be beneficial to the producer of the play. And lastly it allowed the audience to travel back in time.

The plot revolves around young Konstantin, a budding playwright who has big dreams of creating a new art form. He premieres his first play which stars his great love, Nina. Unfortunately for Konstantin, his determination to produce art is challenged by his mother but disregard for his efforts and Nina’s affections drifting away towards his mother’s lover, the successful novelist, Trigorin. 

The Seagull dramatizes romantic and artistic conflicts between four characters: Nina, Irina Arkadina, her son Konstantin Gavrilovich, and Trigorin. A gunshot is heard in the next room that ends the life of Konstatin. He ended his lie because of the tragedies and failure in his life.

The Seagull is one of the best plays that I have watched. The cast portrayed their characters well. The best actress is Irina Arkadina. She is amazing in giving her lines and made the audiences laugh time by time. But Nadine Samonte acts differently from the television and on the stage play. She is...
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