The Sea Inside: Film Review

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  • Published : February 11, 2013
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The film The Sea Inside tells the real-life story of an incredible man, who despite spending nearly thirty years paralyzed was able to help and touch the lives of so many. Ramon Sampedro spent his life not asking people to pity his terrible condition, but instead asked for their understanding of his want to end his own life.

Ramon saw the struggling relationship between his nephew and father. He could have done nothing or he could of lectured his nephew on the importance of respecting his elders, but instead he used his paralysis to bring Javi and his grandfather closer together, asking favors of the two that forced them to work together and appreciate one and other. Ramon wanted his family to live as normally and as happily as possible and didn’t want them to sulk over his wish for death.

Ramon proves that is possible to do good and help others, even when you yourself are facing the most hideous of situations. He did not want to end his life because he had nothing to make him happy, he had plenty of friends whose company he enjoyed and he had so much love for the people closest to him. He wanted to end his own life because he felt he was living without really living. He had no dignity or pride in himself and only felt he served as a burden. Ramon Sampedro was an incredibly strong, thoughtful and caring man who just so happened to want the right to take his own life.
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