"The Screwtape Letters" Essay

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  • Published : October 7, 2012
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“The Screwtape Letters” Essay
I have chosen the aspect of distraction. Towards the beginning of the book, the man, who was Wormwood’s patient, became a Christian. The idea of Christianity was still very new in his mind, and he did not really understand what he was supposed to do or how he was supposed to act. Screwtape used this confusion as an opportunity to distract the patient from God. In letter two, Screwtape told Wormwood to make sure that when the patient went to church, he would notice any neighbors that would sing out of tune, have boots that squeak, have double chins, or even odd clothes. Wormwood was supposed to use these things as distractions from the message being preached at the front of the church.

Satan tries to distract us all day every day. He can use so many different things that sometimes we do not even realize that they are distractions. Satan can use televisions, cellphones, computers, gossip, relationships, and even friends and family to distract us. When we are in church or youth group and we are supposed to be focusing on worshipping God or listening to the message we are supposed to receive, Satan can attack us. He will make you start thinking about different things like, “What am I going to wear tomorrow?” or, “I have way too much homework tonight!” causing us to forget about the real reason we are there, which is for God. Satan does not always have to use the same distraction. Sometimes he uses death. When a family member dies, everyone in the family is obviously very upset. Some people think, “Why did God take this person away from me?” and that can cause the person to get angry with God. You can easily be distracted by all of your emotions and can just simply forget about God. Sometimes Satan uses electronics as distractions. A lot of people will be watching television, or working on their phones and computers when they should really be at church or reading the Word of God. They believe that their work and play comes before...
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