The Scramble for Africa in Late 19th Century to Early 20th Century.

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  • Published : November 29, 2012
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During the late 19th century and the early 20th century, European countries began their scramble for Africa which caused African to suffer from violence like wars, slavery and unfairness, but there was also a positive, peaceful and diplomatic consequences and events in Africa like fair trade system, new technology and the security given to Africans under European rule. An additional document written by an African commoner would help to further assess the African actions and reactions by telling what happened to them during that time period and their reaction towards that issue.

European imperialism in Africa mainly caused violent acts and suffering to the African natives but there were positive event. Before European imperialisms, Africans lived their usual lives and attended their crops. However, during the imperialism, Africans had to attend European crops because they were treated like slaves and had to do the bearings for their colonizers (Doc.4). There were also wars and rebellions against the Europeans to fight off their colonization deed because of the unfairness and suffering they had to endure. For example, machine guns, cannons and strategies and formation skills helped to efficiently kill people and cause suffering (Doc 5). Also the violence against Africans can’t be merely described in words, for Europeans took away their land and possessions. They burned their villages, killed and plundered and so their wickedness and injustice against the Africans were seen (Doc 9). A German officer said that the Africans had a magic medicine that would give them good harvest and invulnerability to Europeans. This would help them fight off the unfairness of slavery, under-wage labor, bulletproof ability and strength women and children from the hardships of war (Doc. 8). But by analyzing this document, we should take into account that this is written by a German officer. By interpreting this, we could see that the German officer is mocking the Africans for being...
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