The Scope of Public Administration

Topics: Public administration, Government, New Public Management Pages: 4 (1187 words) Published: July 20, 2012
The Scope of Public Administration

Vivian Melanie Turner


Survey of Research and Practice in Public Administration


Public Administration pertains to all the activities in government. In today's society, people expect many things and look to the government to fulfill their needs. Public Administrator's provide a vast amount of government services that include welfare, health care, housing, utility expenses, and the list goes on and on. Public Administrator's are also responsible for regulating privately owned industries and the industries owned by the government. The field of Public Administration covers every sector of operations within public policy. Many theorists have studied Public Administration as a practice and as a field of study, however; with each study that is completed and published, it appears to only add more complex thoughts, theories, and opinions. To grasp a better understand in the discipline of Public Administration, this paper will provide how the field evolved in the U.S.

It is very rare in today’s society to find someone who has never been in contact on some level with a government agency, henceforth; received some type of assistance. Today, society is faced with more complex and undue hardships, and it is imperative that public administrators understand all aspects of their field and of their role to be better equipped to function efficiently, effectively, ethically, and professionally. The field of public administration is constantly scrutinized in efforts to define its role within the discipline of political science; on the other hand, public administration is recognized by government to carry out the administrative duties within its organization. Grover Starling (2010) recognizes that: Public administration today is perhaps the most important field in the discipline of political science. The reason is that...
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