The Scientist and His Robot Dog Gir

Topics: Human, La La, Dog Pages: 2 (930 words) Published: May 15, 2013
The Scientist and His Robot Dog Gir
A short Story by Ashley Yeoman

Hey you what are you doing over their? “Says a stranger” What do you mean says Dib. “I’m anatomically correcting the physical resources to our planet earth, or would you like to die breathing in nothing but space fumes”. As the day went on Gir was happily annoying everyone he came in contact with. His favorite television shows had no meaning to them. One in particular was nothing but 2 teddy bears bouncing up and down saying “la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la. With a lot of color. Dib the scientist was always trying to find a way to take over the world and control the human race. But something always went wrong when it came to his work. Dib had no friends everyone always thought he was a freak in school. And at home was no better with his sister Gaz. Gaz always played video games, and was addicted to the ones with piggies. Dib walks through the door and says “I have a solution to this treacherous ending of my humiliation” “I am tired of being picked on and laughed at, they will know who the real me is when I’m finished with them!” Gaz says “ya ok, (shrugs shoulders) can’t you find something else to do besides being a nerd all the time and talking about ruining everyone else’s lives, when you know your experiments always go wrong anyways” “THEY WON’T THIS TIME GAZ!” says Dib. Dib yells “GIR, GET OVER HERE NOW” Gir flies over to Dib, with red eyes and a serious tone and his robotic voice and says “Yes Master” “ Gir I need you to build me something big something that will destroy the human race or make them bow down before me” says Dib. So Gir being the A.D.H.D. Robot he is puts on his costume of a dog and leaves the house to find information that will make the humans bow down or fear his master. As Gir was walking downtown he noticed in the window a cute small fuzzy creature that had everyone else staring through the window and saying awe to. He then went back home and told his...
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