The Scientific Method

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  • Published : November 9, 2012
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Dianna Baldwin
SCI 230

The Scientific Method
The first step in the scientific method is to observe. When you are observing you are discovering what is going on around you. The second step in the scientific method is question. To question one must make an attempt to explain the observation that was made. The next step in the scientific method is making a hypothesis. A hypothesis is made to predict a solution and an outcome. The fourth step in the scientific method is making a prediction. When making a prediction you are indicating the outcome. Next is the conclusion. The conclusion details the findings of the testing. This then leads to the final step which is the results. The results are whether your findings based on the hypothesis are supported or refuted.

In the activity I applied the steps of the scientific method by observing what was said in the captions and what was happening in the picture. I then had to question what was going on with my observation. I then made a hypothesis and tested the hypothesis and made a prediction. Then based on the outcome of the testing I found the conclusion and gathered the results.

A real – life situation that I have used the scientific method would be when I flipped the light switch the light did not come on. I observed the light did not come on when I turned it on. I then questioned what may be the problem. Is it a burnt out bulb or something more complex. I then made a hypothesis on what I thought the problem was. My best guess was the light bulb was burnt out. I predicted that if I change the light bulb and put in a new one it would work just fine. I changed the light bulb and it was indeed burnt out. My hypothesis was supported.
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