The Science of Shopping

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The Science of Shopping:
The Obvious isn’t Always Apparent

By Ben
Tuesday February 2, 2010

More men buy jeans they try on than women because they want to get their shopping done as quickly and effortlessly as possible. They find a pair of jeans that fit and look nice they will but them right away. Men don’t like to over think their shopping and when they find a pair of jeans that come close to what they want they will buy them without thinking twice.

Browsers buy computers later in the evening after 5PM because they want to be fully alert and believe that they can get the best help in the late afternoon. If someone is buying a computer, they usually want someone to help them with all their questions and later in the afternoon is usually when the most able minded employees are there.

Taking a basket is associated with a higher level of purchasing because when someone shops with a basket they are mentally preparing themselves to make a purchase.

Stores could improve their statistics by watching customers closely and monitoring their spending. Small things like keeping products children usually buy on a lower shelf will increase sales then if the product was on a higher shelf. Making husbands and parents more comfortable while their wives or children shop. Small things will increase statistics if they are done right and through observing shoppers.

I remember a recent shopping experience where I ended up not buying anything where I wanted a new video game and I went to Bestbuy in Lansdowne. There are two major electronic stores at Lansdowne, Bestbuy and Future Shop. I went to Bestbuy on instinct and it was to the right of me. Going inside, the cash register was right in front of me to the left. I wandered around; looking for the game in the far left of the store. I got fed up from looking and didn’t feel like walking all the way back to the entrance to ask for help. I left without buying anything because of the poor...
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