The Science of Living Organism

Topics: Cell, Eukaryote, Mitosis Pages: 3 (489 words) Published: May 26, 2013


1. Cell organelles: structure & function
2. Compare & contrast eukaryotes and prokaryotes
3. Diagrams: animal and plant cells
4. Compare & contrast animal and plant cells
5. Diagram: bacterial cells
6. Bacterial cells: structural features & functions
7. Identify the 2 types of reproduction in bacteria
8. Cell cycle
9. Mitosis
10. Cytokinesis in animals and plants
11. Calculate diploid, haploid number and chromosome numbers 12. Cancer: cause, types of tumour, properties of cancer cells 13. Medical imaging technologies
14. Treatment and prevention of cancer
15. Cell specialization (or cell differentiation)
16. Different specialized cells: examples, distinguishable features and function 17. Stem cells: source, types and function.
18. Disadvantages and advantages of embryonic versus adult stem cells 19. Hierarchy of structures in animals
20. Examples and function of different tissues


1. Explain how the Endoplasmic Reticulum and the Golgi apparatus work together to form the life function of cells.

2. For each of the cellular structures, indicate a few significant aspects. Include major functions and structural descriptions.

a) Nucleus

b) Chloroplast

c) Food Vacuoles

3. Describe the function of 3 organelles that only plant cells have.

4. Describe 2 unique characteristics of prokaryotes.

5. What is the difference between cilia and flagella?

6. Write the stage of cell cycle that best represents the description below. Note: Some of the phases may be used more than once. a) The chromosomes line up in middle along the equatorial plate. _______________ b) The nuclear membrane starts to disappear. ________________ c) The cell plate forms to separate daughter cells. _______________ d) The chromosomes duplicate during this phase. _________________ e) The cell is building essential molecules such as enzymes,...
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