The School Principal as a Decision Maker

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  • Published : July 15, 2011
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How Are Decision Made?
If administrative behaviour revolves around decision making, there must be some guiding principles to the decision making process. Decision making is geared towards the solution of organizational problems. John Dewey, elaborated the steps in problem solving as including: 1.State the problem

2.List the alternatives
3.Select the best alternative.
Precisely this is what decision making involves. Griffiths (1958) had given six (6) basic steps to decision making in school administration which are more or less an elaboration of the Dewey suggestions, but which are very useful: 1.Recognize, define and limit the problem

2.Analyse and evaluate the problem
3.Establish criteria or standards by which solutions will be evaluated, judged as acceptable and adequate to the end. 4.Collect data
5.Formulate and select the preferred solution(s)
6.Put into effect the preferred solution
-Programme the solution
-Control the activities in the programme
-Calculate the result and the process.

The following general hints may guide the school principal in ensuring effective decision making: •In ensuring correct decision, it is necessary to examine as many alternatives as possible. The more the alternative considered before taking a decision, the likelihood of an appropriate decision taken. •The environment of a decision must be conducive i.e. for a decision to be effective, it must be made at the right time, and through the most appropriate process. •Those affected by a particular decision should in one way or the other be involved in the process of making decision. This is participatory, democratic or consultative decision making. It ensures ease and cooperation in the implementation of the decision. •Effective channel and medium should be employed in communicating the decision to all those who have to execute it. •Effective control and direction must be provided to ensure that the decision is conclusively executed.

The ability of...
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