The Scarlett Letter Revision

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  • Published : December 18, 2012
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Edmer Nieto
November 18, 2012
Period 4
Ms. Treffner
The Scarlett Letter Character Analysis Rewrite
Throughout the novel, The Scarlett Letter, Revered Dimmesdale’s personality, attitude, and values change. Chillingworth, Pearl, and Hester are the cause to the change Dimmesdale goes through. Their actions each have an effect towards each other, especially to Dimmesdale. The author of the novel, Nathaniel Hawthorne, describes Dimmesdale as a young minister full of religious fervor, and theological expertise at the opening of the novel. Little does Dimmesdale know what’s to come at the end of the novel. Hester and Chillingworth’s actions are the main cause in the change Dimmesdale’s character experiences.

Hester’s chest was imprinted with the letter A due to the affair she had with Dimmesdale. He keeps his sin hidden until the end of the novel, where he reveals his scarlet letter that is imprinted on his chest. When he revealed his sin, many people were shocked and couldn’t believe what they had seen. The townspeople saw Dimmesdale as a generous and spiritual man. He revealed the scarlet letter because he did not want to keep his sin hidden. He reveals the truth, thus making him a man of honesty.

Before Dimmesdale revealed his scarlet letter, Chillingworth had been giving him medicine to help cure his sickness. The medication was actually harming Dimmesdale’s health and Chillingworth knew this. Dimmesdale first denied Chillingworth’s help because Dimmesdale said he deserved his sickness; however, he couldn’t stand it so he accepted Chillingworth’s help. The day Dimmesdale revealed his scarlet letter, Chillingworth tried to stop him from revealing his sin to the crowd. Dimmesdale gave the crowd a sermon, which was said to be his best, most inspiring, and truthful sermon ever. When the crowd saw the letter A on Dimmesdale’s chest, they believed that Chillingworth’s potions were the cause of Dimmesdale’s chest being imprinted. The crowd is not raged at the...
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