The Scarlet Letter Rhetorical Devices

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  • Published : December 18, 2012
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Ever since the beginning of storytelling, storytellers have portrayed villains in a cryptic, evil and demonic way. Nathaniel Hawthorne is no exception for in his novel The Scarlet Letter, he depicts the antagonist ( Roger Chillingworth ) as a normal man who transforms into the purest form of Lucifer himself due to the jealously and resentment that infests his body. As the novel unfolds, Hawthorne creates a villainous tone that embodies Chillingworth by employing diction, imagery, details and language. As the plot progresses, so does Chillingworth’s personality and Hawthorne’s overall tone of the character. An example of Chillingworth’s villainous nature is displayed when the narrator describes Chillingworth’s anger towards Hester with the application of lucid imagery, “…The lurid fire of his heart blaze[d] out before her eyes.” When the narrator states this, the reader can sense the cryptic and evil character that Chillingworth with Hawthorne’s creative use of imagery, so the reader can “see” the fire in Chillingworth’s eyes. The demonic tone is now embodying Chillingworth considering that fire, in this context, is a connotation to hell. Hawthorne also employs diction to create an overall demonic feel towards Chillingworth by using works like, “Glare” “Flame” and “devil.” These words aid the author in depicting Chillingworth’s inevitable transformation into Satan. Hawthorne also ingeniously uses his word choice to show Chillingworth’s snake-like features when he proclaims “…he repressed, as speedily as possible,” the audience can sense the barbaric and wild like ton with words like “repressed” and “speedily” Above all, Hawthorne strongly uses structure and syntax to show Chillingworth’s new form. He does this by using similes like “There came a glare of red light out of his eyes’ as if the old man’s soul were on fire…”Even the simple utilization of this simile, the reader can evidently distinguish the demon that has taken a...
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