The Scarlet Ibis Level Questions

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  • Published : December 16, 2012
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“The Scarlet Ibis” Level Questions

1. Does the narrator reflect with the smells of the graveyard and how the scents carries all the way back to his house? 2. Does a grindstone stand where the bleeding tree stood, just outside the kitchen door? 3. Was Aunt Nicey the only one that believed that Doodle would survive even though his body was too small for his head because she believed that Doodle was born in the cauls and that cauls are made from Jesus’ nightgown? a. Is Aunt Nicey a loving person? (Does Aunt Nicey love?) 4. Did the others build a tiny casket for Doodle because they thought he were to die? b. Did the fact that Daddy bought a coffin before Doodle’s death question his love for his children? 5. When he didn’t die, at about three months old, did his mother and father decide to name him William Armstrong which brother identified as tying a big tail on a small kite? 6. Does the narrator’s mother get upset because she believes that William might not all be there when Brother said he wanted a brother to race with? 7. When Doodle smiled at the Brother, did the narrator’s plans for killing Doodle subside? 8. Did brother decide to call William ‘Doodle’ because he felt it suited him better because he often crawled backwards which made him look like a Doodlebug? 9. Does Brother describe Doodle as a burden because he always has to lug him around wherever he went and he had to be treated gently all the time? 10. When they arrive at Old Woman Swamp does Doodle start crying because he is just mesmerized by the beauty of the land? 11. There was always a bit of cruelness in Brother. Did he take doodle to the loft and showed him the casket that their father made for him when they all believed he would die? c. When Doodle was trapped up in the barn loft, does it symbolize how he is trapped in a world in which he cannot survive? 12. Was brother so embarrassed to be related to Doodle because he couldn’t walk and...
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