The Scarlet Ibis

Topics: Embarrassment, Shame, James Hurst Pages: 2 (753 words) Published: January 23, 2013
People with pride always do the right things. Sometimes they can make they pride better, but they are cover with a sorrow in their mind for what they have done. These people often have a happy life, but they are holding sadness. In James Hurst’s short story “The Scarlet Ibis” Brother helps Doodle because it makes Brother feel good about himself. Helping Doodle makes Brother feel good because he was embarrass for having a handicap brother. For instance, bother was ashamed for “having a brother of that age who couldn’t walk.”(557).This shows that brother hates Doodle because Doodle cannot walk. This also shows that brother did not want Doodle to be alive because he was embarrassed for having a cripple brother. An example of Brother embarrassed because of Doodle was when he “having a cripple brother.”(559).This show that Brother was mad about Doodle could not walk. This also shows that people could kill someone for their pride. Another example of Brother was embarrass for having a handicap brother was when Brother taught Doodle how to walk and saying that the people “ did not know that I did it for myself.”(558). This shows that brother was helping Doodle to walk. When Doodle started walking, he was not embarrassed anymore because he having a normal brother now. This also shows that Brother take his own hand to help Doodle, but he did it for his pride. Brother was a bad person for what he had done for his pride, but not for Doodle. Brother was selfish for what he had done for himself. This visualized how Doodle had trying hard to learn to walk for Brother pride. Brother help Doodle to do thing and it makes him feel good because the other people were happy for what he had done. For instance, the family was happy because Brother “ had taught him how to walk.”(559).This shows that Doodle start walking makes the family and Brother really...
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