The Scanning and Planning Internship

Topics: Strategic management, Management Pages: 2 (637 words) Published: September 25, 2011
Case: The Scanning and Planning Internship

Debbie Clare is aiming for internship in one of the most known electronics company, the Dynamic World ( DWC ) . Fortunately she was invited by Tom Tucker to lead a team consists of 5 members. These members are outstanding students from different excellent schools namely the Arizona State, Ohio State, Tennessee, MIT and Wharton. The main agenda of the team is to perform environmental scanning which will be used to create strategic supply chain road maps in different lengths of time. She is excited to handle the challenge of Tom but she is puzzled about her skills being inferior to deliver the task. Knowing the concerns of Tom about DWC and his eagerness for the amelioration of the company’s current status, Debbie decided that she should start her planning. With the 6 weeks she has before the job and meeting with the team she went back to everything that Tom said to her. Having a team of intern members, the company has an advantage of having insights from different set of eyes and perspectives without costing the company a lot. Furthermore, there will be a parallel in-house team performing a similar analysis. The task is to communicate the findings from the environmental scan to the organization. Debbie wondered, where should she begin? She only has 6 weeks before the first day of job. While waiting it, Debbie should start with her game plan. According to the article, Debbie will be leading 5 smart and outstanding students therefore she should prepare herself to be a leader and a woman of vision. Preparing one’s self is sometimes neglected by most leaders that’s why in the middle of their jobs they cram and breakdown. Although some will say that it is so shallow but it is still important to the preparation. After dealing with oneself, Debbie should focus on the terms and information that Tom told her. Listing all the details and requirements that the project need to accomplish will help Debbie achieve those without...
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