The Scam in Mercy Killing

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  • Published : February 27, 2013
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The Scam in Mercy Killing
Imagine one of your family members is terminally ill and presumed she will die very shortly. This is a controversial topic where some people want to die with dignity. So many people can choose Euthanasia to assist them in dying peacefully. So many of these people approximately 3,147 cases are put under this pressure to end their lives and say god-bye. Euthanasia is the putting to death by painless means or in Greek language it means a good death. Either you can do this by a family member or even by the doctor. Terminally ill people and other sick people are being deprived and depressed and have these feeling to end their lives. In the process of Euthanasia a lethal dose of medicine can be given or feeding tubes and medicines can be stopped. Many people say that we have the right to die, but I say we cannot play God and Euthanasia breaks the Hippocratic Oath. I think that all types of Euthanasia should be illegal including non voluntary, voluntary and assisted.

In the case of Euthanasia a common oath is being broken and this is the Hippocratic Oath which is an oath stated when a doctor completes his courses. In this oath it basically stated that we shall do no harm. The oath also states that they shall give no lethal medication or suggest any. Counter arguments state that the Hippocratic Oath has changed over time and the meaning of no harm is let life go its natural way or by killing them mercifully they die with dignity and it is their freedom of choice. This clearly violates the oath because by killing by an outside force is a homicide, by killing is bringing harm, and by prescribing a lethal dose is clearly against the oath. So they counter act that by saying it is our right to choose. The counter argument to this is that it is not in our laws of the Due Processes we are allowed to not request life saving equipment, but not the process of assisting in suicide is illegal. So in turn Euthanasia is illegal and my point still...
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