The Satirist George Orwell

Topics: Marxism, Leon Trotsky, Animal Farm Pages: 3 (801 words) Published: February 3, 2013
Critical Analysis:
Renowned satirist George Orwell masterfully incorporates symbolism into his work fabricated within simple tales of fantasy and delight. On the surface these works seem mild almost childlike. However within layer they are stories that will either horrify you from within because of its biting truth or leave you amused by the parallels drawn from reality. Therefore these pieces of literature are not mere stories but caricatures romanticized with words. ‘1984’ and ‘Shooting an Elephant’ are all examples of his exemplary satirical style however none have been as cleverly disguised as ‘Animal Farm’. ‘Animal Farm’ is a social commentary on the rise of Joseph Stalin and the potential result that can occur by the likes of such men. It talks about how a set of beliefs can be weaved and manipulated into an authoritarian propaganda. Each animal represents a personality, committee or a belief. Orwell’s characters are never too loud that they can be pin pointed and yet a reader automatically knows what he is talking. He is subtle yet clear. George Orwell was a socialist himself and supported the views of Karl Marx. The creed presented by the character ‘Old Major’ was heavily based on a similar ideology. This creed served as a catalyst for the revolution that takes place in the farm. ‘Napoleon’ acts as an opportunist who gathers public support with theories of equality and a better free life however he is corrupt, blatantly twisting the commandments for his own rise to power and control. Even though this character is heavily inspired by the Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin but it is applicable to all the oppressive politicians involved in power play. The novel is speckled with ironies and those nuances typical in a George Orwell piece of writing. And it is those little details that transform it from a simple tale into a multi layered, multi faceted work of written art. He depicts the horrors of a communist regime, the brain washing involved in a play of...
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