The Sandwich Factory

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The Sandwich Factory

Mechanization of people makes an individual to a part of a jigsaw. The employees are not human or individuals, but just one out of many. They go from being independent to being controlled by others' ideas and thoughts. Factory workers were working under difficult conditions. The pay slips were low and the working conditions were poor. In Jason Kennedy's short story "The Sandwich Factory" from 1994 we are presented for a man’s struggle in a sandwich factory.

The short story is about a man who has chosen to take a low-paid job at a sandwich factory. The sandwich factory does not stand out from other food factories at this time. At the factory the man experience a feeling of being unhappy and disenfranchised – in the end this means that the man quit his job, instead of quitting who he is. The main theme is the mechanization of human beings.

The narrator in “The sandwich Factory is a 1st person narrator. Therefore, when reading to short story it is important to notice that it is the man’s own view to the factory. Which means that it is his own thoughts and opinions and not necessarily the entire truth. The narrator is a man due to the fact that his colleague Dot wants him to sleep with women and in the way he talks about them. His way of thinking and his reflection of things makes him seems smart. Also he mentions his Camuls novels’ that gives an impression, of him being clever. He seems embarrassed over working on a factory. This is expressed in the beginning of the short story where he almost apologizes his work on the factory due to his social status. He might feel that he is better than the other employees and he may even have a better education than them. The man complains about the conditions at the factory. He thinks the managers are treating them like robots and not humans. Especially when they locked in the employees, until they have finished their work. “Locked doors were a feature of the sandwich factory. The managers...
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