The Sandstorm

Topics: World War II, Family, American films Pages: 2 (426 words) Published: September 15, 2012
The Sandstorm

The year 1939, World War Two, a family escaped from Egypt away from the war to the desert. A young girl named Catherine who loved her mom the most in that family was caught in a sandstorm few days after the escape from the war and died. Catherine’s family couldn’t go back to save her or they’ll be shot by people from the war so Catherine’s body was abandoned in the mystifying desert…

70 years later (2009) a poor family was living in Egypt. Hellen doesn’t have much money since her divorce with John (her ex husband) and couldn’t afford enough money for her rented house. Hellen and her 9 year old daughter, Molly, were forced to live in the desert. With tents and enough energy source that will last her for at least half a year.

The first few days were just fine and just like how they lived before except they lived in a tent other than their old and dirty apartment. As they walked closer to the desert everyday, Hellen could tell her and her daughter were losing more and more health. Hellen could hear a faint sound of a crying little girl and she could hear the little girl more and more clearly everyday she got closer and closer to the desert.

The more the couple journeyed into the desert, the more Hellen was curious about the crying little girl and wanted to find out where she was and who she was. Hellen thought it was time she searched for the girl, that night, Hellen quietly got out of the tent when Molly was fast asleep and she heard the girl again.

She looked around but all she saw was the desert, she felt a slight chill in her spine telling her to get back to her daughter right now but she urged herself to go on and look for the source of the cries every night. Then it was there, the girl, behind the wind which seemed more like a wall of sand just approximately few metres away from Hellen. “Mom…” said the girl, Hellen was shocked when she called her mom “who are you?” the girl replied with a rather old and creaky voice “I’m your...
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