The Sandlot

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The Sandlot
When I think about movies from my childhood, the one that distinctly sticks out in my memory is The Sandlot. This film is unforgettable because it relates to people of all ages and can hold the attention of any audience. The Sandlot is one of the few movies that possesses humor for all ages simultaneously, breaking the mold that most people think that comedy can only be funny for one specific audience. Even though my views have changed on the criteria that make a movie great, I still love this film. When I was a child I liked movies that were action-packed, funny, and to which I could relate. Now that I’m an adult my criteria on evaluating movies has changed. While I still enjoy humor and a story that connects with me, I now also seek out movies with good acting and a strong plot.

The Sandlot is a movie about Smalls (the main character) moving to a new town at the beginning of summer. He is shy and doesn’t make friends very well; this is a combination for a long and boring summer. Luckily, Benny (another kid in the neighborhood) invites him to play baseball with some friends. At first Smalls was reluctant to go. This is because he has never been taught how to throw or catch a baseball, but after a while he decided to give it a try even though he didn’t know how to play. This decision proved to be the best one he had ever made. Even though the first time he met everyone all laughed at him because he knew absolutely nothing about baseball, all of the boys eventually accepted him into their group of friends all thanks to Benny. They would meet at the sandlot and play baseball together every day, until the incident. This was when Smalls’ Babe Ruth baseball was hit over the fence into the territory of the beast. The beast was a monstrous dog that was known to have eaten kids. The rest of the movie is about the crazy ideas and adventures that they all go through together in order to get the ball back.

There is no shortage of action in The Sandlot,...
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