The Samurai's Tale

Topics: Takeda Shingen, Samurai, Akiyama Nobutomo Pages: 1 (326 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Erik Christian Haugaard wrote an astonishing novel, which is infused with a lot of adventure, he also added a flavour of ancient history into it. The Samurai's tale takes place in the provinces of Kai, Shinano, and Mino in Japan during the 16th century. Murakami is the son of a poor samurai who died in battle. Only four years old at the time, Murakami the servant, and Yone was spared their life, but his brother and mother were slaughtered when Lord Takeda Shingen who was a notable lord and conqueror, came to their village and murdering almost all the people who lived there. Murakami was renamed Taro, he became the servant of Lord Akiyama Nobutomo, one of Lord Shingen’s generals. They take him on a long journey to Kofuchu where Iwama castle sits. Lord Akiyama takes him as a kitchen worker. Taro encountered Togan during his stay in the cookhouse. Taro’s job was to help and assist Togan, he was a wise cook who treated him like a son, he teaches him a lot about life “Impolitnedd, Taro...makrs you as a fool, for it takes away from you an advantage and gives you none in return” Togan stated (Pg.18). Togan and Taro bond instantly and help eachother. Later in the book Togan was stabbed and killed by a drunken man during a wrestling match, Lord Akiyama then arrested him. Taro requested to be a stable boy to Loduring his time at the stable he still considered himself as a servant. The boys in the stable treat him ‘lower’ than them as stated in chapter 5. Taro was never satisfied with being who he was, when Jiro struck one of the horses unnecessary, taro beat him up.

Lord Aikayama showed his faith in Taro and gave him a mission to ride with the prince Katto the Toko-ji Temple. Lord Takeda’s older son was imprisoned there because of his rivalry to defeat his father.
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