The Salem Witch Trials: Inevitable Tragedy

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  • Published : December 11, 2011
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The Salem witchcraft trials were a horrific set of events that caused harm to many people, but it was essentially bound to happen. That is not to say that that exact thing had to happen, but due to the society of the day, a conflict of some sort was basically guaranteed. Because of everything going on with politics and religion, combined with the way of society, it was something of a powder keg where no one could guess what, but it could be seen that something bad was bound to happen. One of the reasons why this series of events was even possible in the first place was the entire world view at that time. Life in New England during the seventeenth century was very different from the way we live now. The world itself was viewed in a way completely different and nearly bizarre from today’s views. During this time in a place like Salem, Puritan beliefs were not only the prominent religion, but an entire basis for life, and this basis had many strong beliefs on things outside the natural realm. “New England settlers believed the world was an enchanted place filled with supernatural forces that could influence events and bring about changes in the natural world…the supernatural realm could intrude upon their lives at any time.” This was the common view that was so well believed that it would be odd for one to not believe it in that community. This view that supernatural forces affected lives every day was one of the main reasons something like the trials was not such an odd thought or an irrational one. This view of life made things difficult when combined with how society worked in that day. The Puritan system was made that each individual was necessary for others continued existence. “New Englanders were well aware that they depended on each other for their survival. Townsfolk and villagers helped each other put up new buildings or harvest crops; they bartered with each other... The Puritan faith …taught that being a good neighbor had its spiritual as well as...
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