The Rush of Football (Descriptive)

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  • Published : October 25, 2010
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The Rush
Almost everyone on the planet has watched, or participated in, a football game. Whether it is hometown pride, the feeling of accomplishment, or good, old-fashioned competitiveness, everybody has their own reasons to become involved in football in some way. But has anyone ever considered how it is for the players? Has anyone ever thought “I wonder what it’s like to be looking through that facemask, instead of sitting up here in the stands?” Being out on that field, between those lights, is like no feeling anyone will ever imagine.

The long, arduous road to playing in one of the world’s most competitive and physical sports does not start on game day. It starts with a long week of practice. A week of will-challenging, heart-pounding, sweat-and-pain-inducing practice will put the players’ dedication to the test. Football players around the nation dedicate sometimes as many as eighteen weeks per year so that they can play for one hour of one night, and my experience was not much different. Each and every day always started out in the same place, at the same time of day, Monday through Thursday. My teammates and I would spend almost an hour every day working out, lifting bars with weights upon weights made of nothing but cold, hard steel. Weight-lifting was the perfect way to prepare for the long day of practice that was ahead of us.

Practice is defined as “to perform or work at repeatedly so as to become proficient”, and that was what we did. After dressing out in our pads, we began that anxiety-building walk to our practice field. We were anxious about what the day would bring and about what “fun” drills Coach had in store for us. We were anxious about how much pain we would be both giving and receiving. We were anxious about getting ready for our next opponent. Then, when the walk ended, the work began, and being a lineman gave me the most fun work of all. All I had to do was line up against people that I had grown up with and known for several years...
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