The Running Man

Topics: Posttraumatic stress disorder, Vietnam War, Good and evil Pages: 2 (828 words) Published: April 27, 2013
English: The Running Man by Michael Gerard Bauer.
Topic: Is there good and bad in all of us in relation to the novel The Running Man?
Michael Gerard Bauer’s novel The Running Man is about a boy named Joseph and how becomes close to Tom Leyton, a Vietnam Veteran suffering from PTSD after he is asked by Tom’s sister to draw a portrait of him for a school project. There are many characters in this novel that have both good and bad aspects to them. For example, Mrs Mossop sees her meddling in other’s affairs as trying to protect them, while the people who she’s meddling with mightn’t agree, and Joseph’s impulsiveness that causes hurt to others can be seen as bad, whilst his kind and forgiving behaviour towards Tom Leyton can be seen as good. Joseph Davidson tends to be extremely impulsive and judgemental at times, less so at the end of the book after understanding why some people act differently from others , often doing things that he regrets later and that hurt other people’s feelings. For example, when Joseph changed Tom Leyton’s portrait into “a devil” (pg. 213) and then gives it to him, when he tells his father he “(doesn’t) want (him) to stay,” and that he “(hates) him and (hopes he) never comes back,” (pg. 246) or how he calls Mrs Mossop “a stupid old lady,” who “(doesn’t) know anything.” (pg. 204) These all would have been extremely hurtful to the people involved, most of them having been through a lot of difficult things, especially Tom Leyton, who already “hates himself” (pg. 202) and Mrs Mossop who knows how “people can appear to be one thing and be the opposite.” (pg. 204) In many instances he’s immature and says things on a whim, with no regard for the consequences and how his actions may affect other people, in much the same way Mrs Mossop passes on gossip. As said at the start of the book about Mrs Mossop, “there was precious little that went on in the neighbourhood that (she) could help noticing.” (pg. 44) Mrs Mossop is an idle gossip. She often...
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