The Rules Should Not Be Changed for a Graduated Driver

Topics: Adolescence, Driver's license, Driving Pages: 3 (1024 words) Published: January 7, 2013
The rules should not be changed for a graduated driver
Every year around the world there are more and more accidents with teenage drivers, should the rules be changed for a teen in the graduated driver program in PEI? Many of the G drivers on PEI find following a lot of these rules very difficult, but they need to be enforced for the safety of everyone. Some of the rules that do not need to be changed are not being allowed to be driving with more than one person in the vehicle, having a curfew of 1 o’clock, and how long a person is on the graduated driving license program for. When a teenager first gets their license they all want to go driving around with all their friends, go to the movies, etc. but all those distractions can lead to an accident. Driving with a car full of friends, sounds like so much fun, but with all the distractions of friends all talking, telling stories, loud music, dancing and singing it is very difficult to concentrate on driving, any driver would that is a very difficult to listen to friends and safely drive at the same time. A teen may want to try and be “cool” or try to show off in front of their friends and or do something crazy such as drive fast, break

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burn, spin circles, text, or drink and drive. The teen may also give into the peer pressure of others telling them to do those crazy unsafe things. In PEI the law is a person on the year one of the GDP is only allowed 1 other person other than family in the vehicle, a person on second year can have as many as they want. A teen may also be less likely to wear their seatbelt while driving if others in the vehicle are not wearing their seatbelt, they do not want to look “un-cool”. “Studies by both the NHTSA and the Federal Highway Administration have shown that teens become more reckless behind the wheel when they are in a larger group. When there are lots of people in the car teens have been shown to be more likely to speed, to allow unlicensed peers to drive,...
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