The Royal Wedding

Topics: Prince, Royal family, Prince William of Wales Pages: 2 (417 words) Published: June 22, 2011
Every woman in this world has a dream of becoming a princess. Who would not? Isn’t it so lovely living the rest of your life with the man of your dream? Living in a palace like in Disney movies? Kate Middleton, a commoner, now the Duchess of Cambridge, became an instrument of hope of becoming a princess for these young ladies. Commoner or rich, they are all looking up to Kate. It gives hope for all young ladies that someday they will find their prince too.

The royal wedding indeed catches the eye of the world which boosts Britain’s economy. According to the website , roughly two billion people around the globe tuned in to their televisions to watch the wedding and around 30 million overseas people flock to the UK to witness the wedding of Catherine Middleton and Prince William. The royal wedding benefits Britain’s capital economy to 30 to 50 million pounds. According to survey, around 1000 USD per day is the minimum amount that the tourist spends in London ( .

Though the royal wedding brings a lot of money to the country, in contrary, it also has disadvantages. In spite of the recession that we are now facing, overseas people still wanting to go to the UK just to watch the wedding which is quiet a waste of money. Though there are no reported cases of people being ill, it is not good for people to stay outside the house during night and to sleep in the park just to wait for the event. It is unlikely that young people will get cough and cold.

In conclusion, the royal wedding brings a lot of money to this country. Though not all people from around the world was able to witness the wedding live, it still brings good mood to all people amid stressful life, hectic schedule and recession. People from different beliefs and race celebrate one event that is the wedding of the Prince and the commoner, the marriage of the Royal family and the mass.


The Royal Wedding William and...
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