The Roy Brown Murder

Topics: The Police, Barry Scheck, Innocence Pages: 3 (937 words) Published: May 10, 2012
Roy Brown is a 46 year old male from Auburn, New York who was falsely accused of murdering 49-year-old Sabina Kulakowski. Sabina was a social worker in the Cayuga County Children's Protection Division, so she came in contact with a bunch of people. But on the night of May 21, 1991 all her social working skills would come too an end. Her house was burned down and she was bitten along her body along with being stabbed and strangled. She also had defensive wounds on her hands claiming she went out with a fight. No one knew how this happened or who did it but after hearing from Sabinas co workers, fingers where pointed at Roy Brown. It was said 8months earlier Sabina removed Roys 17 year old daughter from his care. Roy became angry with her like any father would and later started making harassing phone calls to her office along with mailing several angry letters ( Maybe a little too much too show his anger. As a result of his angry stupidity Roy was arrested and sent too jail for 8months but was released just a few weeks before Sabinas death. Roy only lived 30 miles away from her so its not like he couldn't come in contact with her. With this information the cops where set on Roy Brown, i would be too after hearing this but the evidence is what counts. After hearing this the police then went too retrieve a court order too obtain teeth impressions from browns big mouth too compare the bites on Sabinas body. Roy in fact willingly gave up his teeth impression knowing he didn't do anything wrong. But the police had a surprise for him and they retrieved an warrant for his arrest and went knocking on his door. This was enough evidence too put Roy behind bars saying his bite impressions match those on Sabinas body. Roys luck runs out, during his trial the defense called upon a odontologist who disputed the bite mark evidence saying that it was not a

match ( But with the jury not convinced they still found...
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