The Rosary

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The History of the Catholic Rosary
By Peyton Nibbelink
Who is Jesus Christ?
Period 2

In the Roman Catholic tradition, the term rosary refers to both the string of beads and the prayer said by using the string of beads.

To pray the rosary is to recite specific prayers corresponding with particular beads on a string. . A rosary is made up of a crucifix, one larger bead, three smaller beads, another larger bead, and then a medal. After the medal comes a larger bead again, followed by a group of ten smaller beads.

Around the rosary chain there are five sets of each of these beads one large , ten small. The larger bead is somewhat separated from the smaller beads signifying the different prayers that can be recited while holding each bead. These sets- One bead followed by a group of ten- are called decades.

The word rosary, comes from Latin and means “garland of roses”, the rose being on of the flowers to symbolize the virgin Mary. According to research, if you were to ask what object is most emblematic of Catholics, they would probably say “the rosary”

There are several prayers routinely said as part of the rosary. These are the Apostles Creed, Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be to the Father. At the end, there is a rosary specific prayer called Hail Holy Queen.

There are also a number of events around the world where many people gather to pray the rosary together and discuss it’s significance in the Catholic communion.

Even though I am not Catholic, learned something new about Catholics-The rosary- J Hope you did too.
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