The Root of All Chaos Stems from the Family. Discuss the Dynamics of a Family Conflict in Two Works You Have Studied in the Past Year

Topics: Salem witch trials, Romeo and Juliet, Characters in Romeo and Juliet Pages: 7 (2735 words) Published: January 3, 2013
First off all I will define what chaos is, because it is known for many things. In biblical terms the word “chaos” usually refers to the Abyss, also known as hell. In mathematics “chaos” usually refers to the “chaos theory” a branch of mathematics that studies the behavior of dynamical systems that are highly sensitive to initial conditions, an effect which is popularly referred to as the butterfly effect. Then there is the common use of the word “chaos”, and the one we’re going to mainly use for this essay. In the common use of the word it defines a state of utter confusion or disorder. In Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible”, one sees how suspicion and fear can lead a susceptible person or group of people into a state of hysteria and anger. Under such conditions, people are less prone to remember rationality and may be too hasty or harsh with making decisions. One also sees how factions can quickly make any bad situation even worse. The once peaceful village of Salem, with its factions and susceptible people, is a perfect target for such chaos. As Henry Adams says “chaos breeds life, order breeds habit”, and who better than Abigail Williams to do breed such life. Indeed at a young age Abigail witnessed Indians smash her parents' heads on the pillow next to hers. The orphaned Abigail results in a teenager who is used to defending her family name and standing in colonial society. Abigail talks Betty Parris, Mercy Lewis, and Mary Warren to come in the night and bring forth her reckoning because she is apt to defend her position among the girls. By talking them in to doing it, we can assume that she is in some way or another in a kind of leadership role and guidance over the rest of the group. Also by being the one who talks them in to it, she attempts to ensure that the knowledge of her drinking blood will not be spread to anyone else. But in committing such acts, like dancing naked in the woods or drinking blood, they are believed to be devil worshipers. Initially drank the blood in an attempt to kill Elizabeth Proctor, the wife of the man she "loves," John Proctor. But the spell did not work and resulted in the upsetting Betty Parris because Abigail represents a sister status to her. Abigail felt the need to retaliate against Betty when presented with the fact she drank blood because she was ashamed of what she had done. She realized at this point that she had endangered the pureness of not only the name of Reverend Parris, but also her own. Drinking blood in the colonial era stood just as taboo as it is today and due to egocentric nature of Abigail would cause her to become very defensive. She feels she must protect her name due to the fact she has no real family, job, or anyone in her life; things she greatly desires. Lacking a family results in her lower social standing and if anyone were to find out she drank blood she would drop even lower on the ladder of society. Being fired by her former employer for unknown reasons also accounts for Abigail's attempt to defend her name. If her name were to become tarnished, the little chance she held for employment would be lost. Questions had been asked by Reverend Parris as to why Goody Proctor fired her. Abigail did not answer honestly to defend her name and prohibit word of her infatuation with John Proctor. She refuses to let her reputation be diminished because she seeks the companionship of another or at the very least someone to love. This was her motivation to attempt to wreak chaos throughout Salem. The initial reasoning in the mind of Abigail to drink the blood was to enable her to be with John Proctor. Her past relationship with John serves as the main reason for her to continue the growth of the witch hunt. Abigail loves John; or rather she loves what he represents. To her, John is a father figure. This enrollment of a father-like figure in Abigail's life prior to the affair between John and her is unseen. Reverend Parris, her guardian, resents Abigail and the other girls...
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