The Root Causes of Islamic Terrorism

Topics: Islam, Muslim world, Jihad Pages: 5 (2008 words) Published: May 14, 2011
Causes are sometimes easy to understand but difficult to resolve. We ask ourselves and political leaders many questions including, what is terrorism? What are the determinants behind their attacks? “Terrorism is an outrageous attack carried out either by individuals, groups or states against a human being’s religious life, intellect, property, and honor. It includes all forms of intimidation, harm, threatening, killing without just cause and everything connected with any form of armed robbery, hence marking pathways insecure, banditry, every act of violence or threatening intended to fulfill a criminal scheme individually or collectively, so as to terrify and horrify people by hurting them or by exposing their lives, liberty, security or conditions to danger; it can also take the form of inflicting damage on the environment or on a public or private utility or exposing a national or natural resource to danger.” The definition, mentioned by the Muslim World League Journal, sounds pretty similar to the most recent attack on the U.S. . On the day of 9/11, Al-Qaeda, an Islamic terrorist organization, hijacked four planes. They succeeded in their mission, putting America in fear and panic, after crashing two planes into the world trade center, one into the Pentagon, and one into a field in rural Pennsylvania. There were no survivors from any of the flights and many more perished after the infrastructures destruction from the crashes. Unfortunately, as Americans, the first idea that comes to mind, and we did, is to wage war against the state that attacked. Although there are many pros and cons to the war in Iraq and sending troops to the Middle East, but what if our government took a different approach? What if they took the time to investigate the origin and root causes of their attack? Our government took little time and lesser thought to do so and in order to reach the root causes of Islamic terrorism; we must rely on history and current events, to study the economic, political, cultural, and religious factors. At the end of the 15th century, Islamic societies stood at an economic, political, and cultural peak. Islam contained vast wealth along its advanced philosophy, science, and technology. Islam’s militaries and trade networks had breached through many parts of the world spreading its culture from the Atlantic coast through the southern Mediterranean, North Africa to the Middle East, and Southeast Asia towards parts of China. Oppositions were mainly resisted, but The Crusades affected a small part of the Islamic world. After the Mongolian invasion of Baghdad, Islam fully recovered economically and politically. However, religious conservatism became a major influence upon Islamic culture. Later on, Europe began its renaissance based on the traditions of Islam. Little did its people know, Islam was on the verge of detachment. Christian filled Europe during the 15th century was poor, ignorant, politically disunited, and less developed than Islamic society. Despite the negative characteristics at the time European gains were soon to be made after Spanish imperialism moved to the new world in 1492, and the defeat of the Spanish armada in 1588. European commerce expansion moved from Mediterranean to the Atlantic to soon reveal the forces of capitalism. The fall of the Ottoman Empire would mark the decline of Islamic authority. As Europe juxtaposed with America forming two major capitalistic and industrialist nations, Islam had become a nation of borderline states. Today, the development of conflicts between western nations and Islamic societies continue and are still considered as a major concern. What can influence and force people to revolt, recruit, strategize, and carry out such deviant acts? Money can be seen as the oxygen of terrorism and the existence of it causes terror. Desperate poverty amongst Muslims is a major cause for the surge in Islamic...
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