The Rolling Stones

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  • Published : March 23, 2011
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The Rolling Stones and Their Affect on Music

By: Brianne Potts

As you’ve most likely heard the name, the Rolling Stones have been around for quite a while. According to the Encyclopedia of World Biography, they are known as “the world’s greatest rock and roll band.” The band was pronounced this by 1960’s peers and middle aged folks of the time. The band formed in 1949, with the guitarist Keith Richards and singer Mick Jagger. Richards was born on December 18, 1943 in Dartford Kent, England. According to the Encyclopedia of World Biography, Jagger was born on July 26, 1943 in Dartford Kent, England. The two of them went to high school together and 11 years after they were done, they crossed paths again (world biography). They talked for a little and caught up with life. Richards was struggling in Sidcup Art College and Jagger was in London’s school of economics. Both of them found a local musician named Alexis Korner who held blues jams at the Ealing Club. They continued on playing there and getting the feel of each other and how each other played. On July 12, 1962 the band played their first legit gig at the Marquee Club. According to Britannica, the Rolling stones drew on Chicago blues stylings, dark side of the post 1960’s counter culture. So what kind of impact did the rolling stones have on the world with their music in this time period? Their music tended to attract the ears of the youth at this time. The Rolling Stones were kind of rebelious and its that band that your parents are most likely going to hate. Even with all of that, they still had such a big impact on the world throughout the 1960’s and so on. The Rolling stones played such revolutionary music. The stones gained such popularity for being innovative and were percieved to be alternates to the Beatles (web). During this time period, tons of new technology was coming out and of coarse the Rolling Stones was going to take advantage of that. This...
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