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The Rolle Coaster of Emotions

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The Rolle Coaster of Emotions

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  • November 2012
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Saida Alakhras
RDG 091-
The roller coaster of emotions
Could you imagine that you are a parent with your wife at home at midnight, getting ready to sleep, suddenly the phone rings, and someone tells you that your daughter was in a car accident. This is exactly what happened to Ted and Maureen Biehn in the story “Chixulub” by T>C Boyle. The story was at midnight, Ted was in the bed room reading a book and his wife was in the bathroom. Suddenly the phone rings. His wife answers the phone and it turns out that their daughter Maddy is at the hospital. They rush to the hospital and they waited for two hours, until the doctor came, and gave them the bad news, that their daughter was dead. They looked at the body and found out that the body was not their daughter, and it was Maddy’s friend. The parents’ roller coaster of emotions is changing throughout the story of “Chixulub,” just like the emotions of people who witnessed and experienced Tunguska and Chixulub. “You’d better get down on your knees and pray to your Gods” (Boyle 574). Ted was talking about asteroids that hit the earth in Russia. The impact of the asteroid was enormous, which led to a big explosion. It blew up an entire city. He described it in the story “The combustive power of eight Hiroshima bombs” (Boyle 573). As a result Ted told us his point to pray to God in that situation and ask him for forgiveness. The stronger faith in God the more forgiveness you get. Ted actually believed in God and that there is a God to pray to and go back to ask him for help from, but he certainly didn’t accept it because he was confused and shocked. Once Ted and Maureen got the phone call from the hospital, and they heard the bad news. Ted panicked and Maureen stood numbly with the phone in her hand. He didn’t know what to do. He struggled for breath and felt a punch to the heart. Then he asked his wife if it was his daughter Maddy, who was in a car accident. He was scared and out of faith too. He was worried that...

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