The Roles, Responsibilities and Boundaries of a Teacher and Establishing Ground Rules Within a Learning Environment

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  • Published : February 28, 2011
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The roles, responsibilities and boundaries of a teacher and establishing ground rules within a learning environment

In this assignment I will explore my role, responsibilities and boundaries as a teacher within the teacher training cycle and will analyse the different ways in which I would establish ground rules with students which may promote good behaviour and respect for other students who are participating within the same learning environment (Gravells, 2010).

According to Clarke (2006) the role, responsibilities and boundaries are evolving qualities within the teacher which are assessed and reflected upon using the teaching/training cycle; a cycle of assessment, planning and review. My main role as a teacher is to facilitate the inclusion and communication of all students that will encourage them to enter into a wider debate surrounding the subject area they have chosen. To ensure sessions’ aims and objectives are meaningful and applicable to students the teaching role incorporates ongoing administration and assessment.

My responsibility as teacher will be to identify need and at the start of the course and try to build an effective learning group. This can be achieved by me as the tutor using ice breakers at the beginning of the course this can ensure that the learners feel included and safe in the group. I could set up a coffee break for the learners, promoting them to socialise outside of the group. In the middle of the lesson I could use question and answer games that would remind the learners of the content of the lesson and at the end of the lesson I would encourage the learners to recap on what they have learnt by taking part as a group in a quiz (City and Guilds, 2010).

One or two of the learners in the group may at the beginning of the course be petered by speaking in front of the rest of the learners. Group work could be achieved by me as the tutor dividing the learners into different groups and those Within the learning...
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