The Roles of Qs in Property Dev.

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  • Published: December 20, 2012
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Property development is a complex process that involve extensive planning, large amount of capital, complex activities and procedures, requires services from various parties and usually involves lengthy process. As a matter effect, it usually a high-risk investment that can influence changes in the economy and the property market itself. Poor planning on the development and parties involves will cause the project result in loss especially to the owner. However despite all the risk, property development is an investment that promises rewarding returns to its investor especially the developers. Therefore, in order to ensure that particular development will turn out successful and profitable, a thorough development appraisal should be carried out before the commitment to invest is made. Since the development process is complex and not all developers have the skills to carry out a major development by themselves without hired profesional team. That is when, profesional team involves in the development because from the analysis, the feasibility and viability of the development can be determined and thus helping the developer to decide to go or not to go for a project. Among these profesional team are planning consultants, valuation surveyors, architects, quantity surveyors, engineers, project managers, solicitors, accountants and occupiers. The roles of Quantity Surveyor in Property Development

One of the most profesional team needed the most in any property development is quantity surveyor. The roles of quantity surveyor (QS) also known as cost manager in property development is varies starting from feasibility study to pre-construction period of a project until to the development/construction period and towards the completion of the construction. Quantity surveyor is hired by the developer starts from the inception stage where there is intention to construct a building. In feasibility stage, the needs to meet developer/client requirements and...
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