The Roles in Life

Topics: Ruth Westheimer, Meaning of life, Human Pages: 2 (646 words) Published: April 16, 2008
The Roles in Young Man’s Life

During the course of our lives, we must take part in some roles. Some of these roles, are important, others are not. Being young is a great opportunity to experience some of the important roles that will benefit us for the rest of our life. Taking appropriate interest in our actions is what makes us improve our roles. No matter what we do, there will always be responsibilities that we must learn to face in order to succeed in life. Young men have three important roles that they must play in order to be successful. These roles are student, family member, and friend. To begin with, our most important role right now is being a student. Currently, education is very important and represents the first of ours goals we hope to attain. Being a student not only benefits by teaching us to be responsible, but also shows us the path we must follow in our life. For example, I always try to keep my grades as high as possible, by studying hard and reviewing my notes. No other role than that of a student will get me as far. Studying makes our life meaningful, and helps us focus ours ideas on the important things happening around us. I also try to do my homework on time, and the best way I can. This role is beneficial and important to all who undertakes it as so much of an individual’s future is dependant upon it. Additionally, our second most important role is being a family member (son). There is no other way a person can express the true meaning of life if he/she is not part of a family unit. For example, being a son in my family has taught me about responsibility, because I help my parents by paying some of the bills. In addition, I have other duties as a son because I am also the one who go to the market each week to buy the food, and I also do the laundry. This role is an experienced in one form or another by all of us, yet in different ways. This is the first and the most important role in our life. It teaches us to care for others,...
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