The Roles and Functions of Health Care Managers

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The Roles and Functions of Health Care Managers
Regina Mitchell
HCS 325

The Roles and Functions of Health Care Managers
The role of a health care manager can vary based on what type of facility they work in. For example a heath care manager that works in a hospital setting may oversee one department of the hospital with the help of other department managers. On the other hand a manager that works in a Clinic or doctor’s office may oversee the entire facility. Another variable in a health care manager’s role is the position in which that manager may work. For example, a Clinical manager would be responsible for creating and implementing policies for a specific department, they are to perform evaluations on performance of the personnel, along with developing a budget for that department. Clinical managers generally have experience in the medical field of the department he or she oversees. While a health information managers responsibilities would be to maintain and secure patients records. They are required to be up-to-date with current government rules and regulations as well as current software. Another managerial role is a Group medical practice manager. A group medical practice manager is required to maintain budgeting, billing, personnel matters, and patient flow for a group of physicians. A general requirement for a Health Care manager is the ability to travel for meetings, as well as be available or on call in case a situation was to arise. There are two approaches used to calculate FTEs (Full-Time Equivalent staff), the annualizing method and the scheduled-position method. The annualizing method measures the equivalent time of an employee whereas scheduled-position method measures the equivalent time of a position. “Annualized staffing is the process through which each department balances its permanent base budget with its actual staff salary commitments by reconciling annualized salary expenditures to permanent salary and FTE budgets. The...
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