The Role of a Social Worker

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Roles of a Social Worker
Llowyan Forde
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The Role of a Social Worker

My dream career is to be a clinical social worker because the job enables me to help individuals who are socially disadvantaged and create an environment where they can be reformed and adapt to society. ”Clinical social workers help families deal with issues related to mental and substance abuse through a rehabilitation program” (Siegel & Worrall,2012, page 626). What inspired me to be a clinical social worker was all the young hard core criminals that are incarcerated .Some of them are intelligent and naturally creative. In my time as an officer, I’ve seen these dangerous criminals create beautiful poetry, paintings, and music. As a clinical social worker, I will be able to do psychological evaluations, counseling and create rehabilitation programs that will meet my client’s needs.

I’m looking forward to working in this field, when I think about the aspects of this job. I think that is awesome when you can do psychosocial and diagnostic assessment in order to make someone aware of their repressed memories. I would like to apart creating new interventions. While researching this career, I found that a clinical social worker has many responsibilities. I feel that having compassion and empathy, having good people skills to build healthy productive relationships, by to listening and understanding my client’s needs, I will be able to change minds and save lives.

A “Social Workers tackle the “bad” along with the good in an effort to find the most workable solution to at hand”, (, 2009). They have to be an advocate for disabled and the handicap, to make sure that they are not being abused and their personal needs are being meet. Social workers should be able to assist the difficult clients....
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