The Role of a Good School

Topics: Education, High school, Vocational school Pages: 2 (803 words) Published: May 14, 2012
What is the role of a good school considered? The role of a good school should be a leaning environment in which kids like to attend and learn something new every day. Is a place in which teach its students in the importance of learning and what can be accomplished by doing it. In todays society many don’t schools aren’t providing a fun learning experience as well as environment in which student like to attend students. In todays society many kids don’t like to attend school and aren’t too interested in learning. They often find classes to be boring and see it as a job in which hey are stuck in a class room for hours, in which includes school curriculum that in many cases don’t like to do. In today’s society the majority of kids as well as myself attended public schools. It is also considered to be mandatory for us to attend. As personal experience I isn’t a place where many kid like to be. I think that in order to make public school a place where kids want to be they should make all public schools as a vocational school and focus more on cashing the inters in students. However many kid see school as a bad place but not all do.

Based on the article written by Linda Barry “The Sanctuary of School”, she talks about how during her young days as a young girl her family where very poor. Because of how busy her family always were she was often not acknowledge, and the only place in which she felt as her real home was in her school. Her feelings tours her school was always magical. At school was the only place she felt she could be herself and be love. But at her home this wasn’t always the case as they always saw her as just another kid. This girl love being at school and it should be a feeling all kids should have. When she attended school drawing was her favorite activity and she loved her teacher. Because of all the love she was seeing at her school and doing her favorite activities was she found school as a fun place. Schools need to do a better good in making...
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