The Role of a Cio

Topics: Strategic management, Chief information officer, Strategic planning Pages: 3 (949 words) Published: April 17, 2013
1. Introduction
The focus and intend of this study is to convey the actual role, responsibilities and reporting lines of a chief information officer (CIO).A chief information officer (CIO) is a commonly used job title for the head of the information technology group within an organization. Taking a glimpse at organizational structures across various industries we discover that it is common practice for a CIO in his discipline to report to a Chief financial officer (CFO) or Chief Executive officer (CEO). As noted from an abstract article titled CIO reporting Structures, Strategic positioning, and Firm performance: To whom should the CIO report; it is challenged that neither CIO reporting structure is necessarily superior hence a proposition is made that the ideal CIO reporting structure should be dependant to the organizations overall strategy. Furthermore we learn that in some organizations the CIO may be found to be a member of the “Executive board”. In a research thesis by Peter LaVoie and Doug Sandoval titles “The roles of a CIO” we learn that there are no definitive qualifications for a CIO. It is deduced that it has been the norm from the initial inception of the role that the candidate with the most knowledge about information technology was the most suitable for the position. Today it is no longer a norm to hire a techie as a CIO as organizations have highlighted the importance of the role to be filled by a candidate who not only knows technology but also has strong leadership skills. The CIO must think in terms of organization’s long term strategic visions and operational goals and to works towards aligning the business IT strategy with the overall corporate strategy. According to Gartner CIOs must make strategies that focus on eliminating IT and enterprise distortion. This leaves us to ask questions as to What makes a good CIO?, what are the responsibilities of a CIO?, why is a CIO important to an organization? and how has the role evolved through...
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