The Role of Youth in Corruption

Topics: Political corruption, Corruption, Bribery Pages: 2 (456 words) Published: November 8, 2011
Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. It is not easy to define corruption. But in a narrow sense corruption is mostly concerned with bribery and it takes several forms. Corruption is a global phenomenon and it is omnipresent. Corruption has progressively increased and is now rampant in our society. At times it appears independence from foreign rule for many Indians was similar to a cake. Whosoever could get it within reach wanted to finish it. Sharing and making many more was never in their thought. Some did realise and tried to correct upon attaining maturity yet the Rat race syndrome overtook. The direct outcome was that most amongst us expected someone else to do acts like nation building, safeguard and provide the highest standard of services for us, simply because we thought we could pay for it.

What is the role of youth ? Can the youth of today bring about a change? Is their future going to be the same as their parents? The answer to these questions lies deep within. The situation of the country would have been way better if youngsters stood up against the system which is way too corrupted...but can we blame them for it? A whole generation of parents have failed to respect and value ethics with the result that the youth has come to respect money over values. They educate themself somehow for earning and pay all attention to self. Money has been pushed to occupy position of GOAL.For this class has taught their children ‘Means’ is not so important as the ‘End’ Today's youngsters are mad for money , fashion, cheap popularity. They even do not hesitate to earn money by doing wrong. They have been brought up in an environment where, people don't go out of their comfort zone and do something which is really important for that matter. Lame excuses like we have voted and elected politicians to take care of these things,are given . Not only the youngsters but no body can participate in nation building, if they do not have in...
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