The Role of Women in Society Today

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Reading response reference from Mark Shaw “ the kingdom of God in Africa” (pages 75-106)| |
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Section One: Outline (chapter five and six)
I. The kingdom of Allah and Mungu
II. Islam and African religion in the middle ages.
A. The kingdom of Allah: early expansion of Islam, 600-1000. 1. Islam’s beginnings.
2. The four caliphs and the succession struggle.
3. Oral and written Islam.
4. Muslim missions in the ninth and tenth centuries.
B. Islam in the high middle ages, 1000-1600.
1. Slaves and messiahs in the high middle ages.
2. Islamic expansion into West Africa in the eleventh century. 3. Islam and East Africa.
4. The survival of Africa Christianity.
5. Theocratic and messianic longings.
C. African Kingdom in West and Central Africa.
1. The pattern of the great king.
2. African cities in the middle Ages.
3. Early kingdom building: Ghana.
4. King Tenkaminen and the Soninke Kingdom of Ghana (900-1100). 5. The kingdom of Mali (1200-1400).
6. The kingdom of Songhay (1400-1600).
7. The central Sudanic kingdoms.
8. Kingdoms on the coast: Oyo and Benin.
D. The city – states of East and Southern Africa.
1. Merchant kingdoms on the coast.
2. Inland kingdoms.
3. Great Zimbabwe and Shona kingdoms.
4. Zulu kingdoms.
E. The internal kingdom: Kingdom Worship in ATR.
1. Kingship and kingship.
2. Priestly role of king.
3. Divine character of the king.
F. Conclusions: Islam, ATR, and the Kingdom of Christ.
III. Crumbling kingdoms
IV. Nubia collapse and Ethiopian Survival.
A. The rise and fall of Nubia Christianity.
1. Nubia from the sixth through the eighth centuries.
2. The apex of Nubian civilization: eighth to eleventh centuries. 3. The twelfth – century turning point.
4. Decline and extinction: 1250-1550.
5. Reasons for the failure of Christianity in Nubia.
B. The renewal of Ethiopian Christianity.
1. The early middle ages in Ethiopia: seventh through ninth centuries. 2. The pagan crisis of the tenth century.
3. The Zagwe Dynasty (c.1137-1270).
4. Restoration of the Solomonic line by Yekunno-Amlak.
5. Religious revival under Tekla-Haymanot (d. 1312).
6. The reign of Zara-Yaqob (1434-68).
7. The conquest of Ethiopia by Ahmad bin Ibrahim, 1529.
C. Conclusion: legacy of Nubia and Ethiopia.
D. D
Section Two: Significant Points.
Chapter five: the kingdoms of Allah and Mungu: Islam and African Religion in the Middle Ages. * It is significant that, the continent of Africa has been visited by westerners, indigenous and Semitic cultures for the last thousand years and established their religions. * It important to note that, the Christianity and Islamic brought great change of African culture and leaving only their cultures and doing away with African traditional religion. * It is significant that, in the Middle Ages when African had been occupied by the Islam and ATR itself, Christianity shined. The kingdom of Allah: Early Expansion of Islam, 600 – 1000. * Muhammad’s successors felt to expand their faith by organizing the holy war and won in Persian Empire and Middle East. * It is more significant in Muslim religion to have woman caliph Fatima, the first and the last woman since when the Islam began. * It was more effective in spreading the Islamic faith because of a change from sword to written Hadith to influence people into conversion.

Islam in the high middle ages, 1000 – 1600.
* The Islam began to enslave Africans and some of the slaves were made join...
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