The Role of Women in Society

Topics: Woman, Gender, Nineteen Eighty-Four Pages: 2 (505 words) Published: September 16, 2012
The role of women in society

I was attracted today to an expression said by one of my students who advised her fellow saying, “you should change your opinion about women,” and she explained, “because one day you will share your life with a woman.” The students were applauding her all along but my mind was thinking deeply about the dimensions of this saying. Why a man should change his mind about women? The answer is that we did two grave mistakes to our beloved women. First, we have underestimated the work women do at home and we thought of housework as a trivial thing. With our ignorance for the immense work women do towards their home and their society, we gave our women less self-confidence. We made them feel that we are the masters of this planet and they are just butterflies which decorate the place. In a way, we showed them that their life depends primarily on our existence. George Orwell said in Nineteen Eighty-Four “men save the party; women were there just to give birth to more men.” What a disgusting view of how things should be. We reduced women to machines producing goods. Moreover, in some Moroccan communities, the word wife collocates with the Moroccan word “hachak”, which literally means “wives are a dirty thing and sorry to make you hear this word”. In the European societies where the image is a little brighter, a man can be seen walking hand in hand with a

woman; in the Moroccan society, some men are ashamed to walk beside their own wives. You can hear them talking “this is no woman’s business.” Women do not have a say in what happens. How can it be their business for they have no business at all!! The second mistake we did is that we pushed our women to breathe more air beyond the corners of a house which made their wings broken. They wanted to find more freedom, to justify their effective existence and to show the blind that they...
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